About Us

GRANDE Plants! Our GRANDE means BIG and we specialize in delivering HUGGGEEEE (6ft to 9ft) centerpiece plants locally to all five boroughs of NYC and Northern New Jersey Area (more on our delivery range here). But that doesn't mean that we don't carry regular size house plants. We carry plants of all sizes and carry a growing variety of outdoor shrubs!
What's unique about Grande is, in addition to our immense collection of indoor and outdoor plants, we borrowed a feature from our sister shop Pafe Plants, that allows you to hand-pick the exact plant you want delivered to your front door. Which is unheard of until Pafe Plants introduced it back in 2021.
Everything happens locally which means that you are supporting your community! It also means that you are receiving the freshest plants possible! This ensures that your plant will arrive in pristine condition despite transit, which is the very next day because we are local and use our own van and personnel.
Eutierria means a good positive feeling of oneness with the earth and its life forces. We strive to bring eutierria and happiness through our BIG plants!! Our promise is to offer the option to hand-pick the highest quality indoor plants online and deliver the centerpiece to your home locally. Meet our small and powerful team that works together every day to bring you Eutierria:


Oh Gee. It's so hard to describe exactly what Calvin does. Kind of... everything? From minor web development to marketing to some customer service. If he's not running around the greenhouse he's running his fingers, one or the other. And in his free time... his free time... his free time?¿


Heather is our Social Media & Graphics person! Going to a technical high school for design and majoring in Business Administration in college gives her a strong eye for everything business design-related. She also handles part of the plant care customer service team due to her strong passion for the environment and the outdoors. Some of her hobbies include hiking, biking, swimming, photography and landscape design. 


Alexis is our people person! She brings happiness to this greenhouse and to our customers. She is also very active with helping to restock those lovely plants that you all love! When Alexis is not in the greenhouse, she is making music and hanging out with her friends!


Javier is our order preparation guy, he comes in early and leaves late to make sure that all the orders are done correctly and sent out on time. He works closely with Alexis to make sure that everyone is satisfied. And when he's not in the greenhouse, his is oversleeping.


Manuel is the guy that delivers joy to your home! Sorry I didn't get a better shot of him. He's always on the road delivering plants. And in the very rare days he is off, he is spending time with his wife and kids!

And THAT is our team! It's small, but we are growing and we work well like PB&J :)


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