Small Pink Orchid Double Stalks
Small Pink Orchid Double Stalks
Small Pink Orchid Double Stalks
Small Pink Orchid Double Stalks

Small Pink Orchid Double Stalks

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Orchids are one of the most popular flowers to gift someone for a variety of occasions! And the Moth Orchids are one of the most common orchids you can grab from your local nursery or our online shop. 

Orchids originate from the southeast Asia and Taiwan region and they got their name from a Swedish naturalist that mistook a cluster of orchids as a flurry of moths! Moth orchids are not exactly the easiest plants to care for... but then again they are not hard to figure out.

Moth orchids love them tons of indirect bright light, but do not expose them to consistent, harsh direct light or the leaves will burn!

Watering is also a little different from your typical foliage plant. Because the orchids are potted in peat moss, which retains water better than regular houseplant mix, you should water when the center of the mix is dry. Invest in a moisture meter if you don't want to break your nails in the process :)

Believe it or not, some rarer members of the Orchid family go up to thousands of dollars!

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We love huge plants, and you can only find them with us with such convenient online service like hand-picking the exact one (which is patent-pending), and next day delivery.

Local is the way to go
We're Local.

Our plants are delivered in our own van with our own driver, directly from our own greenhouse in New Jersey. This means you save your plants a shipping trip and you'll for sure receive the healthiest plants with a speedy turnaround time (next day arrival, can't get any faster than that).

ever heard of this?
Hand-pick Online

You are actually able to hand-pick the exact plants you want delivered locally to you, ONLINE! It's just so cool to us that we were the first to make this happen, we will never be able to get over this :-)

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