Medium Philodendron &
Medium Philodendron &
Medium Philodendron &
Medium Philodendron &

Medium Philodendron 'Lemon Lime' (Long Leaf)

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Everyone look, the PRINCE of orange is here! As the name suggests, the special feature about this particular philodendron is that it pushes out rich orange foliage that honestly reminds you of fall. And I personally LOVE the rich orange hues!

The prince of orange belongs to a family that's native to the tropic rainforest so they love the humidity and can tolerate being in a shadier spot (although they may lose their vibrancy if you do that).

To keep seeing their beautiful vibrant leaves, put it in a well lit spot that's bright enough for you to read a book. It will tolerate lower lighting conditions but will respond with leggier growth and duller leaves.

Water when the first inch of the soil is dry (so every 7-10 days give or take).

And if you want to really love the plant, put a humidifier next to the plant! 

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