Large False Aralia

Large False Aralia

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NJ customers and beyond, get ready for the False Aralia. It’s striking appearance excels at turning heads, but not growing fast. Does that even really matter though? Scientifically known as the Dizgotheca elegantissima, this houseplant is also fondly referred to as the ‘Spider Aralia’ or ‘Threadleaf Aralia’, in reference to it’s unique, shredded foliage that reminds onlookers of a spindly, mini saw. It’s native to New Caledonia, a warm region in Europe, in case you want to trace its french roots. So whaddaya say? Interested in taking this gal home? 

False Aralia Benefits

This houseplant excels at clearing the air and reducing stagnancy. Known for its ability to relieve allergies and sinus trouble when it can efficiently purify the environment around it, the False Aralia has a few other benefits up its sleeve. Like most other plants, it can absorb toxins out of the air and replace it with pure oxygen. This can also help with productivity and positive moods. Who wouldn’t want the Aralia around?


The Aralia gives off eerie vibes with it’s pointy edges, sacramento green hues, and dashes of black. Paired with its sharp points and bone-like foliage that appears like the skeleton of a hand. Let this tropically, haunting beauty breathe spring life into any room. The sharp edged foliage looks like the leaves have thorns, but relax, it’s all bark.

Moves Like Jagger

Jagged and pointy edges are what customers love about the foliage of the False Aralia. The leaves are medium sized, about the size of a zip tie and jagged like the edges of a key. This harty, dark, copper green, leaves are long and twisty and look like wispy strings of smoke. Want to create an edgy, bold, vibe for your room? Add the False Aralia to the mix, you won’t be disappointed.


Disgotheca elegantissima plants can get pretty tall. Tower-eque, in fact. The large False Aralia we have here at Pafe Plants is already about 5 feet tall. Where will you put yours? Make sure to place your Aralia in an area that can accommodate height as well as indirect bright light, much like the sun's rays fighting through jungle canopies.

Now you know everything there is about the False Aralia, order this plant by 2PM est to receive this plant tomorrow! Seriously, our local plant delivery service here at Grande Plants is the best because duh, we're a local plant shop- which means we deliver very fast because we're close by and safe arrival of the plant is 120% guaranteed! Also in case you were wondering, yes, we will send out the exact plant you've picked from our website, just like that of a local nursery or garden center except we have more and fresher plants to choose from and you can't find our Grande fine ceramic planter options anywhere else other than our website! And if you haven't already, check out our specialty: HUGE, 6ft to 9ft tall houseplants by opening our Grande HUGE plant collection!

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