Large Dracaena Warneckii Lemon Lime Bush
Large Dracaena Warneckii Lemon Lime Bush
Large Dracaena Warneckii Lemon Lime Bush
Large Dracaena Warneckii Lemon Lime Bush

Large Dracaena Warneckii Lemon Lime Bush- $70.00

Add another Dracaena to the list, this vibrant, bush variant of our tall, tree-like Warneckii 'Lemon Lime' is sensational. With its bright color palette and whimsical appeal, the large-size Warneckii Lemon Lime bush makes a great gift. It’s low-maintenance, cheery, and full of color, what’s not to like? 

These houseplants are pretty good at absorbing harmful toxins that poison the air around them. Purified air produced by the plant can also boost energy and productivity. Another benefit of the Warneckii Lemon Lime (bush) lies in its coloration. Placing a bright plant next to darker ones can balance out the look and help a room look less loud. 


The foliage of the Warneckii Lemon Lime (bush) sticks out at odd angles and gives it a playful and fun look. Additionally, when you’re looking at the plant from a distance, its range of bright, neon green, and yellow hues play tricks on your eyes, making the leaves look like they’re glowing or radiating light.

Electric Bush

Lemon Lime is a great way to describe this Dracaena. The long, pointed leaves have electrifying chartreuse, lime, and yellow hues surrounding the outside of the leaf, with cream and white stripes outlining shamrock green lines through the leaf center. From a distance, it looks like you have a bush filled with waves of electricity and light. 

Dusty Winds

The long, thick leaves are wispy and always look like they’re caught in the wind. Unfortunately, long, thick leaves also allow for easy dust collection. Take a thin, damp, cloth and gently wipe down your Warneckii Lemon Lime’s foliage from time to time to keep your houseplant bush looking so fresh and so clean.

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